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Terra Plata: AD Awesome Restaurant Review

August 26, 2013


Name of restaurant – Terra Plata

Why is it awesome? – Always a favorite menu and full of tasty seasonal treats. Every Monday is Paella night and we took the opportunity to sample something different.

What was the best dish/bite? – Salmon Paella was absolutely awesome – a little Northwest flavor mixed in with a traditional Spanish dish. It had a perfect balance of clams, fish and other assorted goodies topped off with the right amount of crisp. Not too fishy, not to earthy, done just right. It was so good, we asked our server to get us a plate of salmon, separate from the Paella. They happily obliged and we kept the NW theme going. Also, not to be missed as a starter, the Shishido peppers are always a must. Salty goodness with a bit of a kick. If that wasn’t enough, we each topped it off with a tasty box of Churros to go for a late night snack.

Anything else you want to say?– They have one of the best outdoor patios in Seattle! It’s also situated next to Melrose market, with plenty of variety to offer, just steps away.

Marjorie: AD Awesome Restaurant Review

August 19, 2013


Name of restaurant: Marjorie

Why is it awesome? – Great food in a new little intimate space run by an awesome lady.

What was the best dish/bite – The best dish has got to be Miss Marjorie’s steel drum plantain chips, they’re nearly world famous! Though this night we switched it up and split a few appetizers. Romano beans & pancetta along with a zucchini dish bathed in yummy madras curry to start. The zucchini came from Donna’s farm plot in the Kent valley (she also mentioned the tomatoes she’s been growing were nearly ripe – can’t wait!). Those tasty treats were topped off with an incredible handmade pasta dish with corn, peppers, sweet onions and basil. Light and very flavorful. A perfect dish for a summer evening in Seattle.

Anything else you want to say – I’m a bit biased. This is our favorite restaurant in Seattle!

Volunteer Park Cafe: AD Awesome Restaurant Review

August 12, 2013


Volunteer Park Café

Why is it awesome? –  A quiet little hidden gem tucked just off the North end of Volunteer Park, better known for baked goods and weekend brunch.    It’s been around since 1905!

What was the best dish/bite?– The salads were awesome.  Unique, crisp, refreshing and full of flavor.  I had a bean, spinach and cherry tomato salad with whole garlic cloves (YUM).  The pizza special (fig) was far tastier than it looked and the hummus plate was as tasty as it was beautiful.

Anything else you want to say?  They’re very focused on locally sourced food.  If curious, ingredient source is on the menu – some items are as local as their backyard garden. 

Brass Tacks: AD Awesome Restaurant Review #2

August 5, 2013


Name of restaurant: Brass Tacks

Why is it awesome? Totally surprised at how varied and great the food was. Even the expected dishes came prepped & flavored totally unexpected. We sat at the chefs counter and watched them cook and plate each meal. Lots of care was put into every dish. You could tell this was more than just a job for each. (the crew came over from the failed Urban Enoteca up the street). The atmosphere was lively, hip and designed well.

What was the best dish/bite? Loved the grilled romaine salad with pork belly. The sliders weren’t too shabby either, topped off by a tasty little bun.

Anything else you want to say? An off the beaten path foodie gem tucked among the bars of Georgetown with an approachable atmosphere and great food at a very good price

Humble Pie: AD Awesome Restaurant Review

July 29, 2013


According to Bon Appetit Magazine “There’s no better time than right now to visit Seattle…The city’s chefs are tapping into a casually brilliant dining trend that focuses on clean, bright fare made with produce from local farms and briny treasures from the sea”. For those of us who have lived here for some time know this to be true. Our city is exploding with amazing restaurants weekly. Here at Chef’n we are food obsessed– whether it is a new recipe or a new way to cold brew coffee. It makes sense. We make tools for cooking after all. Anthony Dickson who has been with the company since the time of Brittany Spear’s (original) heyday has his finger on the pulse of awesome. We have asked AD to share his new discoveries with us periodically so we can be awesome too.

Name of restaurant: Humble Pie

Why is it awesome? Indie outdoor pizza joint in an obscure area of Rainer avenue in between Chinatown and the” hood”. Open only a few weeks and still getting their feet wet

What was the best dish/bite? Had the Beechers cheese, apple, bacon and walnut pizza – insane combination of awesomeness. Added in a simple green salad consisting of arugula, cherry tomatoes and goat cheese + a Rainer for me and some simple Sangoiviese for my lady. More to follow at a later date, definitely heading back!

Anything else you want to say? cool artsy/funky space for outdoor dining with a wood fired pizza oven in a chill setting (complete with picnic tables and chicken coop!). Looking forward to heading back again soon. Pizza was super yummy!

What’s New? Baking is New!

July 1, 2013


We are a company full of bakers which is why it made sense for us to enter into the baking category. We have created a great line of baking products that are based around the idea that baking should be fun and efficient. Allow us to introduce you to the lineup (all items available at

Cake Creature 3D Cake Mold.- Make your cupcakes come alive with our new 3D cake molds, the Cake Creatures.

Monster Mash

Cake Shapes Cakes

Cookese- Cookie Cutter & Stencil- Cut several cookies at once with the Cookese Cookie Cutter and Stencil.

Cookie Cutter down_1

Cookies Stenciled

Cookie Cutter_1

Cookie Stamp- Cookie Cutter & Stamp- Create custom cookies for your family & friends with the Cookie Stamp.

Press Cookies Decorated_1

Cookie Press Pressing_1

Pin Pair- 2-in1 Rolling Pin-A silicone and French rolling pin all in one.


Rolling Pin Pie Dough

Sift n Sieve- Flour Sifter & Sieve-The handy Sift n’ Sieve has a screen perfect for aerating and mixing dry ingredients with a shake. It’s easy to remove the integrated scraper and use the sifter as a sieve to press berries for puree.
Flour Sifter_2

Flour Sifter_3

Best place to work…

June 26, 2013



For the 6th year in a row Chef’n has been voted one of the 100 best places to work by Seattle Business Magazine.  Chef’n is #19 in the mid-size company category and is recognized for excellent benefits, corporate culture and training & education. Seattle Business Magazine‘s annual list is a impressive collection of companies setting the bar for outstanding work environments.

A few of us were able to go to the awards dinner where we were escorted into the dining room by the Seattle Seahawks marching band, The Blue Thunder.  We enjoyed a great dinner surrounded by some of Seattle’s finest!

We are honored.



Broadway Panhandler- NYC

June 20, 2013



Around here we have huge respect for our independent retailers.  These are the people who have recommended, demoed and believed in us for the past 30 years.  Last week a few of us were in NYC and got to visit the legendary Broadway Panhandler.  We asked Heather (Broadway Panhandlers Director of Marketing & Advertising and daughter of the owner) a series of questions so you can get to know them better:

Store Name:  Broadway Panhandler

Store Location: 65 8th Street. New York, NY

Where did the name of your store come from?  Our original location was on Broadway off Spring Street when we opened in 1976 and there were lots of panhandlers in SOHO at that time. It seemed like an appropriate play on words for the store.

How long have you been in business?  Since 1976 (in current location for 6 years)

What’s your favorite Chef’n product to sell/demo? Whipstir-its colorful, 2-in-1 and something I use daily.

Do you do in store events?  If so, what is the next one coming up?  Yes!  Check out the events online here:

What’s something unique about your store?  The founder and owner of the store still works here 6x per week.  We are locally owned and operated and still a family business.

What is your favorite recipe right now?  Whatever is being made for me!

This is a picture of Heather and her dad from the Chef’n 25th anniversary party a few years ago.



Interview with Chef’n CEO David Holcomb

May 6, 2013


We are thrilled to see our very own CEO/Famous Inventor interviewed by Australia’s Modern Home Magazine. Check out the article here:

052 Designer Profile.indd 052 Designer Profile.indd

Our favorite quote from David:  “I can’t even look at the sky and not think of how I would change it a little”

A Week in the Life of a Chef’neer

April 26, 2013


chefn news

Hello readers! It has been such a busy week at Chef’n! This time of year our marketing team is hard at work on packaging and creating a new catalog. The sales team and their support specialists are ramping up for our next product launch happening in July – and who doesn’t need a Rice Krispy treat made from Fruity Pebbles to get all that work done? And as always our industrial designers are working on a whole myriad of projects and losing their desks beneath paperwork in the meantime. Check out the week we’ve had below!tomatoesLABBIESMelon bowlPeepsRice KrispyKylephotoVitaworkshop


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