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Sitka & Spruce: AD Awesome Restaurant Review

October 21, 2013


Name of restaurant: Sitka and Spruce

Why is it awesome? Can’t say enough about how great the food is here. It has NEVER let me down and is my top choice of any place in Seattle to eat (if forced to choose of course- which is like choosing what child is you favorite)

What was the best dish/bite? The Corson bread is always a winner. When paired with a dish at Sitka and Spruce, it’s to die for. Whipped butter, mushrooms, pate, you name it and it always turns out epic. Then there’s the fish, or pork, or bacon, or all of the above combined. Be prepared to be overwhelmed, wowed and full when you experience Sitka and Spruce.

Anything else you want to say? We were lucky enough to enjoy the private table. Course upon course of food that looked as good as it tasted. It was hard to limit ourselves to only a portion of each plate, but knowing there was more greatness to follow, it tempered the appetite until the last dish and desert that topped off a great evening.

PinPair in Oprah Magazine

October 15, 2013


We are happy to see our new PinPair in O Magazine this month!

Check it out here: As Seen In – Oprah
Rolling Pin_1Cherry

Fonda La Catrina: AD Awesome Restaurant Review

September 30, 2013


Name of restaurant – Fonda La Catrina

Why is it awesome? – Highly rated (deservedly so) lively joint in Georgetown serving incredibly authentic Mexican cuisine. Suitable for lunch, dinner or whenever. For some reason, it always seems hard to match up quality Mexican food with good ambiance (or neither – Azteca anyone?) and they nailed it.

What was the best dish/bite? wow, tough to call. So much on the menu and have yet to be disappointed. Tonight’s dish was Puerco En Salsa Verde w/potatoes. Or in English – Pork Shoulder braised in green tomatillo sauce. It was accompanied by Chiles Asados (aka grilled peppers), Frijolitos con totopos (black beans and chips of course) and the obligatory margarita. This particular margarita was a strawberry jalapeno hybrid that provided a perfect balance of sweet and spicy.

Anything else you want to say? Don’t forget about Georgetown when dining out. The eclectic mix of bars, restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops and food trucks make it a must destination at some point in everyone’s culinary journeys around Seattle.

Tinello: AD Awesome Restaurant Review

September 23, 2013


Name of restaurant: Tinello

Why is it awesome?: New place tucked amongst the ever changing Occidental corridor in Pioneer Square which seems to have become the new “go to” spot for place to eat.

What was the best dish/bite?: Loved the Portobello. Always a big fan of the big mushroom, this one came topped with lentils, peppers and goat cheese resting on top of a pile of fresh arugula. The white bean & pancetta side dish wasn’t half bad either.

Anything else you want to say?: Open mainly for lunches, it’s a bright, clean spot with lots of potential. The mains we’re mostly pastas, as the name would indicate, and each looked delicious as they were devoured by other tables around us (we stuck with salads, my melon/spinach plate was tasty too!). Can’t wait to head back to try more dishes.

PinPair in Print

September 16, 2013


Our PinPair just showed up in The Food Network Magazine! It is a great 2-in-1 baking item that saves room in your kitchen. Leave us a comment below about what you would bake with it and we will pick someone to win a PinPair!

As Seen In – Food Network Magazine

Here is a demo video:

Bottlehouse: AD Awesome Restaurant Review

September 4, 2013


Name of restaurant – Bottlehouse

Why is it awesome? – An awesome place to grab a relaxing vino, dinner or late night drink. Lots of wines on tap (they are located above the Wildridge winery) in a quaint setting that is warm, inviting and relaxing.

What was the best dish/bite? – We love the charcuterie plates. With an in house cheese monger, the plates are always curated with care, explained well and accompanied by delicious pickled veggies. In addition, they have a great rotating menu of salads, sandwiches and other delectable eats. More than enough for a light meal, or an entire dinner.

Anything else you want to say? – A nice patio in a relaxing setting, with live music Sunday nights. The owner, Henri Shock is a great host is always quick to recommend the perfect wine no matter the dish, weather or mood. He’s also been named as an “young gun” for 2013 ( Drink a bottle there, or take a bottle home. A rare find among a sea of “wine bars” that promise lots, and deliver little.


Terra Plata: AD Awesome Restaurant Review

August 26, 2013


Name of restaurant – Terra Plata

Why is it awesome? – Always a favorite menu and full of tasty seasonal treats. Every Monday is Paella night and we took the opportunity to sample something different.

What was the best dish/bite? – Salmon Paella was absolutely awesome – a little Northwest flavor mixed in with a traditional Spanish dish. It had a perfect balance of clams, fish and other assorted goodies topped off with the right amount of crisp. Not too fishy, not to earthy, done just right. It was so good, we asked our server to get us a plate of salmon, separate from the Paella. They happily obliged and we kept the NW theme going. Also, not to be missed as a starter, the Shishido peppers are always a must. Salty goodness with a bit of a kick. If that wasn’t enough, we each topped it off with a tasty box of Churros to go for a late night snack.

Anything else you want to say?– They have one of the best outdoor patios in Seattle! It’s also situated next to Melrose market, with plenty of variety to offer, just steps away.

Marjorie: AD Awesome Restaurant Review

August 19, 2013


Name of restaurant: Marjorie

Why is it awesome? – Great food in a new little intimate space run by an awesome lady.

What was the best dish/bite – The best dish has got to be Miss Marjorie’s steel drum plantain chips, they’re nearly world famous! Though this night we switched it up and split a few appetizers. Romano beans & pancetta along with a zucchini dish bathed in yummy madras curry to start. The zucchini came from Donna’s farm plot in the Kent valley (she also mentioned the tomatoes she’s been growing were nearly ripe – can’t wait!). Those tasty treats were topped off with an incredible handmade pasta dish with corn, peppers, sweet onions and basil. Light and very flavorful. A perfect dish for a summer evening in Seattle.

Anything else you want to say – I’m a bit biased. This is our favorite restaurant in Seattle!

Volunteer Park Cafe: AD Awesome Restaurant Review

August 12, 2013


Volunteer Park Café

Why is it awesome? –  A quiet little hidden gem tucked just off the North end of Volunteer Park, better known for baked goods and weekend brunch.    It’s been around since 1905!

What was the best dish/bite?– The salads were awesome.  Unique, crisp, refreshing and full of flavor.  I had a bean, spinach and cherry tomato salad with whole garlic cloves (YUM).  The pizza special (fig) was far tastier than it looked and the hummus plate was as tasty as it was beautiful.

Anything else you want to say?  They’re very focused on locally sourced food.  If curious, ingredient source is on the menu – some items are as local as their backyard garden. 

Brass Tacks: AD Awesome Restaurant Review #2

August 5, 2013


Name of restaurant: Brass Tacks

Why is it awesome? Totally surprised at how varied and great the food was. Even the expected dishes came prepped & flavored totally unexpected. We sat at the chefs counter and watched them cook and plate each meal. Lots of care was put into every dish. You could tell this was more than just a job for each. (the crew came over from the failed Urban Enoteca up the street). The atmosphere was lively, hip and designed well.

What was the best dish/bite? Loved the grilled romaine salad with pork belly. The sliders weren’t too shabby either, topped off by a tasty little bun.

Anything else you want to say? An off the beaten path foodie gem tucked among the bars of Georgetown with an approachable atmosphere and great food at a very good price


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